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Our graphs show a positive outlook moving forward for FSpace, and in fact anything I work on in the gaming space. But continuing the momentum is becoming an issue for me.

The lack of a powerful Mac laptop is hurting me severely. I can’t work on trains, infront of the TV or DVDs at home. While the tablet let’s me do some work, it has a lot of limitations, and my Mac Mini really struggled with the latest product. The situation at work isn’t going to change, and I’ve actually lost the laptop as a work machine (I’m on the worst machine in the office - a 7 year old G4 mac! ).

So I have to go and buy yet another computer. I’ve redone my mortgage to get the funds to buy a new Mac laptop to a specification similar to the work laptop I’ve lost the use of. This is going to add to the company expenses - sorry about that.

But I think it’s justified.

I want to produce high quality publications, and actually improve from what I’ve been doing. So I need the tools.

While I do have access to software to continue what I’ve been doing, some of this is borrowed from others and I’ll have to buy my own at some point. If the opensource challenge I’ve set myself doesn’t work, then I’ll definately have to invest in more commercial grade stuff.

I’m comfortable with this situation.

As for products, I’ve identified 4 main streams of work I’m doing. FSpaceRPG is still my main focus, has a strong base, and plenty of material to come. FED RPG, while an old version actually can have a life of it’s own. It’s 20th anniversary is coming soon, and I’m going to work on a completely new edition of it, and go to town with a unique brand for it. It will just be our basic scifi game product. TayanaRPG is the fantasy RPG, and I’ve outlined some work to do to bring this concept to market. And it will let me build on it in future as needed.

The fourth area is all the tabletop stuff. All the counters, foldups and boardmaps, whether for Tayana or FSpace are all very generic material, seems to sell well and in a way has it’s own product category. I have a lot more planned in this area - and it dovetails support for our RPGs.

Outside my 4 main bodies of work there are some other areas to work on.

First is working with Robert to bring to market anything he wants to publish. He’s working on what may be a very strong generic RPG product.

And I’ve been slowly working on the Twistaplot based book written by Aaron.

I think both of these could help diversify activities, and are certainly set to return some direct return to those principle stakeholders.

I have some non-gaming material I’m working on publishing via more mainstream ebook/POD marketplaces. Both my own material and someone else I’m working with. We’ll see how that goes.

And lot’s of other opportunities exist for spinoffs, whether publisher resources, etc.

The future is bright, and it only remains for me to keep driving my ideas forward (or those in collaboration with others), and show you the results.

Not everything works, but finding those that do is important, then making the most of it.

If you do have any ideas, I’ll take note of them. Sometimes it may be worth doing at the time, others may be best revisited a few years down the track.

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