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Status: Official

After an absence of a number of years, I’ve put the various TMS issues back on our product list, and started sorting out descriptions and building those page flipper previews I do for many of the other publications.

While not available for distribution this information will make is clear that we own these and are serious about it.

I’ve sent an email to Marc Miller concerning the matter.

If I don’t hear back from him I’ll be tidying them up and doing something about loading into our Google Books Partner program account. Google will do it anyway, so I want to beat them to the punch. Ideally I’d like to sell them via OBS for a minimal fee, but we’ll see what Marc says. Afterall we have paid a royalty advance to him I need to do something about.

As I’ve agreed with Philip we are going to take the materials from our Meshan work that we do own (aka not Rick’s Traveller stuff) and rewrite it for use with FSpace.

We’ve already made entries for some worlds, and TayanaRPG counters already uses some of the artwork for werewolves, so I’ll keep going to reuse the material in a way that works for us.

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