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Ebooks do come in all shapes and formats these days.

We currently use PDF for all of our work.

We will launch ebook Apps for the iPhone this year.

And I’m working on Mobipocket.

The other format I haven’t discussed much is Microsoft Reader. Some people may use it, and it has enough of a following to be worth dipping our toes into the format. It basically uses htm styled layout like what I’ll use for Mobipocket and iphone.

The difference for years is you needed to use Microsoft Word on PC to make them. One of my big barriers. But not impossible as some other providors have now made tools with the blessing of MS.

I think all the smaller books with a text focus should be ported to all the formats we are considering. I’d like to be more flexible for potential buyers, and support formats better adapted to smaller lower powered devices. PDF is still a heavyweight for small devices.

Another good reason is to get into other marketplaces selling ebooks and get more exposure where possible. Every extra sale counts.

At the same time a number of more open formats derived from some of these ebook formats have been devised, and it’s good to align ourselves with emerging trends.

And frankly it won’t take much time, and it’s really good way for me to use this PCtablet productively.

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