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Using material derived from other sources is stepping on dangerous ground because of the issues surrounding copyright, licenses and trademarks.

FSpace Publications basically doesn’t accept any work derived from material of any other publisher. In any agreements you sign with us, you as a writer have to make a declaration to this effect.

Even though quoting, commentary and fair use do apply in various copyright provisions these vary from country to country. Becuase of these regional differences we take a hard line approach with regards to it, and you as the writer must accept all liability, and indemnity us against all damages and losses that arise as a result of the publication of a work that contains any material you have not declared correctly to us.

We do accept works which contain material already published by us. However you should inform your Product Line Manager that you’re doing it. We have to ensure we give credit to everyone whose material is included. As the writer it’s your responsibility to declare and clearly mark all sections. If you fail to do so, we are likely to terminate all relationships with you, forever. Be warned!

In some cases we will not allow you to reproduce material from our other publications. This is at our sole discretion.

If you work needs a map produced, which is based on an existing map, we cannot simply duplicate or trace over an existing map to make maps for your book. If you give us photocopies of published maps as source material, we must redraw it (so don’t send them in at the last moment). And we must have the ISBN (or ISSN), title, author, and publisher of the original map, to give proper credit to the source material.

The same applies with artwork, diagrams or photographs of some hypothetical, real or historical place, person, device etc.

In all cases you must supply a copy of the orginal from which it is was taken. If it appears in colour, you must supply a suitable colour copy.

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