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FSpace Publications has some strict criteria regarding submissions, both for commercial publications, and for community documents published on this website.

For artwork submissions, see the Artists Requirements document.

Computer Submissions

Our publishing operation is becoming increasingly automated, and globally network oriented. At present we use Macintosh G3s, and G4s for our text editing and production work. Word processing is done primarily in Apple/ClarisWorks 5, although we do use Word 98 for some compatibility reasons with certain editors. We use Adobe Pagemaker for page layout and Macromedia Freehand for diagramatic work. The final draft for anything longer than 2,000 words must be in a format that will work with these standards. (Your contract will have more information on precisely what we expect from you.)

We expect all submissions via email. In some cases you may choose to send it to us on disk. We do not return sent media.

We prefer Claris word-processor format, ASCII (or Word in some cases - sk us first). Check first before submitting anything else. If you send something in ASCII, make sure that the files are saved with a return at the end of each paragraph (not each line).

Files. Break your document up into separate files for each chapter. (Large tables may require separate files as well.) Name the files using this template: [Project Name] [Chapter] [(Draft)].TXT/DOC/CWK, as appropriate. For instance, the final draft of the fourth chapter of FSpace Starships would be called Starships 4 (Final). Use TXT for ASCII text, DOC for Word, and CWK for Claris; your editor will advise you on how to label other formats if necessary.

We expect each chapter to be a single, self-contained file (with the possible exception of big tables, as explained above).

The document must be formatted as a single column, and not use table tools to format text, except where a table is specifically required.

Typed Submissions

We no longer accept typed or hand written manuscripts or proposals for books. All material longer than a query letter should be in computer-readable format, as noted above.

Our reason for this is that a vast chunk of FSpaceRPG was submitted in hand written form (often of poor quality). Virtually all this material remains unpublished because of this. Material stretches as far back as 1991, and even some scraps from the late 1980s. It has been one of the primary reasons for the long delay in the commercial release of this system.

Internet Submissions

We can take text files and proposals over the Internet. Please send email to the appropriate Product Line Manager. If no Product Line Manager seems to fit your proposal, email Martin Rait or the Managing Director and ask where your proposal should go.

When sending by email an attachment, please select the enccoding type as AppleDouble or BinHex. Do not use the MIME encoding format (this often causes problems when sent from certain Windows email clients).

If sending on a portable storage medium we accept CDROM, CDR, CDRW if the are ISO 9660 or Macintosh Formatted. If you are sending on ZIP 100, Floppy Disk or Syquest 44 please ensure the media is formatted as DOS or Macintosh.

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