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This briefly explains what we want from submissions.

A wealth of material has been developed for FSpace since it’s birth originally as FED RPG back in 1991. However the involvement of other people outside paid contractors was handled in a very unstructured way.

This led to the development and submission of material that wasn’t particularly useful for commercial purposes.

We see lot’s of great ideas, but little of substance. Many people believe an idea is enough, and that we do all the rest. In some instances we do that. In others we like to see the idea added to the community document pool and see if someone else in FSpace’s community wants to make something of it.

As a publisher we have limited resources, and those resources come at a high cost to carry a publication through to a product that is commercially worthy.

We do value your input and we will give you a fair chance if you are able to produce work of the desired quality. However we can’t accept everything, and will only select the best submissions with which we have sufficient resources to undertake publication work. In some instances we will aim to publish a work at a later date, resource permitting.

We do provide a non-commercial avenue of publishing, through our website, which could one day lead to your material being incorporated into a bigger work by someone else. So don’t despair.

Complete Works

In most cases we are only interested in a complete work of writing from interested writers. This ensures we get the desired material with which to apply our internal resources effectively.

You don’t have to do this alone. You can partner with some other people. However all of them must agree to the same contract terms. We do not publish works by other companies. We contract individuals and do so to own the rights to that publication.

You may feel writing a RPG book is a marathon effort, and we don’t dispute it is time consuming. Depending on your available time and experience as an authur will dictate how long it takes you.

However from our end, assembling and publishing a book is not a cheap undertaking. Typically each book as an absolute minimum probably costs in the order of $50,000 or more to bring to market.

Where an author wants to retain rights of a work, we will entertain a discussion at the query stage, if it is not an FSpaceRPG product. For FSpaceRPG products we do not enter into any such agreements. This is fairly normal practice.

We do have a list of titles we are looking for submissions on. check out our Wish List for more details.

Compiled Works

Many of our books are compiled from details written by various people. Some of it is drawn from community documents, while other are devleoped inhouse or taken from solicited submissions or the Design Contests we have run on ocassion.

Getting material published in such works will help you build up a reputation with us that may help you get a proposal accepted for a complete work. Or it may simply be the limit at which your abilities or interests are presently at.

Fragments and Modified BSD Licensing

We do encourage people to develop small fragments and ideas and to share them with others. We’d also like to compile all those works into oiur website as part of our community document project. This is governed by a Modified BSD License, which allows us to publish something based on that fragment without paying royalties. in most cases the work needs extensive modification and expansion by us, representing the greater intellectual property rights investment by us. Although you don’t get royalties for the use, you will get recognition.

This is a great way to get published without going through the labour of a complete work, or fitting something to someone else’s project.

If you do a really good job, you might get something commercially published, and in rare instances we might approach you and solicit a more comprehensive work.

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