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As you know FSpaceRPG is suffering from a lack of input.

I’m not here to convince you to do more. If you were not named on the recent list of current Developers and are doing something active for FSpace DEV, then let me know and I’ll rectify the acknowledgement.

Furthermore to help acknowledge your work, build the FSpace community etc, I want to put pictures and ‘FSpace’ profiles of each core developer, whether former or current onto our website. I feel this is highly important in developing our community and hopefully generating feedback on the work you’ve done so far. It also helps us develop some form of professional presentation and legitimacy.

So can you forward a picture (head, shoulders and upper chest, with you being at a slight angle to camera), forward a scanned picture (approx 500 pixels tall), or turn up for a photo shoot during daylight hours. For some of you I may already have a piccy.

We’re also at a crunch point again with art. We have no artists at this point. Stephen and I can do some, but we need a fast work rate, pro equivalent science fiction artist. If you know of one with decent rates let me know.

Photos to be turned into art is another option. Through the wonders of Photoshop, a swift hand, keen eye and a sense of the perverse we can use photos to create actual artwork.

I’ve discussed with some of you some photo shoot opportunities which we must take advantage of soon. This lets us rely on an artist less in the short term, and immortalises some of you within the books!

Developer interviews.

Through the wonders of camcorders and capture cards, we will be delivering interviews with our developers onto our 2000 CDROM later this year. Like the photos for the website, this is the key to delivering our personal impressions and thoughts about our own work, on gaming style and FSpace in general.

I’d like to see anyone who is interested.

Non Fspace stuff for CDROMs. If you have any other science fiction material, whether RPG or not that you want to see distributed to the world, I believe our CDROMs are the perfect format to do so, since they do support other RPG material and tools.

It is my intention to deliver as much KIWI (or ex-pat) stuff to the world as possible.

Please remember my 2000 FSpace CDROM will be the main EXPORT product, and mass sales product.

So please support a project you’ve spent many years involved in get it’s best chance of suceeding and delivering it’s best outcome for you personally.

Goodnight and thankyou.

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